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Through rainbow coloured glasses Poster 
SYNOPSIS How did the Queer community survive and thrive in the establishment of Christchurch city over the last five decades? Part documentary, part testimonial and part dramatisation, THROUGH RAINBOW COLOURED GLASSES is a ‘warts and all’ illumination of a crucial fight for human rights in the western world. In a community steeped in the values of Victorian conservatism, our Queer history becomes an alternative perspective of human drama that occurs where very different life experiences intersect like tectonic plates and crunch up against each other. Hard-hitting, deeply honest, embracing and at times hysterical, we glimpse the scope of the human struggle and celebration that encapsulates how a community is defined and ultimately defines itself.
DIRECTOR’S NOTES The making of THROUGH RAINBOW COLOURED GLASSES is a unique event in itself, a synthesis of both the traditional path of a film production with the purpose and intentions of a community project. With collective effort and collaboration of skills, Through Rainbow Coloured Glasses will achieve a stand alone, internationally released feature documentary, while facilitating the priceless gift of remembering, recording and preserving a communities history. The project has been made possible by funding from traditional film and arts funding organizations and generous private donations. The very foundation of Through Rainbow Coloured Glasses is made up of the ongoing contribution of time and energy, facilities, resources and skills of the wider rainbow communities and supporters.